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Margaret “Peg” Torbich Memorial Scholarship

PSEA-Retired Allegheny County Scholarship Program

TO: PSEA-R Allegheny County Members

FROM: PSEA-R Allegheny County Scholarship Committee

DATE: January 1, 2024 

RE: 2024-2025 Scholarship Application and Related Materials


The PSEA-Retired Allegheny County Scholarship Committee will award two (2) $1000 scholarships to an eligible family member of a PSEA-R Allegheny County member who plans to pursue a career in either a Public School or Career and Technology/Trades.

One scholarship will be awarded in each of the following categories.

1. Public School: Examples include educator, school nurse, librarian, school counselor, educational technology specialist or career and technology educator.

2.Career and Technology/Trades: Examples include auto technician, cosmetologist, machinist, nurse’s aide, electrician, etc. 

We would appreciate your assistance in informing your eligible family members.

Attached please find the 2024-2025 Scholarship Application Form due by

April 1, 2024.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact: Cindy Wittman at


Margaret “Peg” Torbich Memorial Scholarship

PSEA-Retired Allegheny County Scholarship Application

Please type or print.

Allegheny County PSEA-R Member name:

First Name__________________________ Last Name___________________________


Phone _________________________ Email_____________________________________

School Where Employed______________________________________________________


Applicant’s Information:

First Name__________________________ Last Name___________________________


Phone _________________________ Email_____________________________________

High School ________________________________________________________________



Applicant’s Future Plans:

Field of Study_______________________________________________________________

Name of Accredited School or University__________________________________________

Expected Date of Graduation_____________


Personal Essay:

In an essay of 250-500 words, describe your ambitions and plans to further your education in either public education or in a related technical field. Please type, double-spaced, and attach the essay to your completed application.


If selected, the awardee will submit a letter of acceptance from the post secondary school before the scholarship is awarded. In addition, the scholarship funds will be disbursed to the college financial office for the second semester to ensure that the winner is actually majoring in one of the designated fields of study.

The awardee will also be asked to submit a current picture to the committee. 

See page 2 for additional important information

I hereby certify that I am a member in good standing of my high school. I have accurately provided the information in this application as true and complete. I have provided my official transcript from my high school to be used in consideration of this application. I authorize the PSEA-R Allegheny County Scholarship Committee to verify or obtain further information that they may need in the selection process.


*If the applicant is under 18 years of age, parent/guardian signature is necessary. 

Parent/Guardian signature_____________________________________________________

Before mailing, make sure that the following are enclosed:

*Completed Application 

*Personal Essay

*Official Transcript

*Two Letters of Recommendation-one from an educational professional (teacher/ 

  coach/principal, etc.) AND one from a non-relative personal/character reference 

  (employer/neighbor/community leader, etc.)

Mail to:

PSEA-R Allegheny County Scholarship Committee

C/O Cindy Wittman

604 Toll Gate Lane

Delmont PA 15626

Due date:  Postmarked by 

Monday, April 1, 2024

Notice of Failure to Complete in a Timely Manner

The PSEA-R Allegheny County Scholarship Committee reserves the right to deny incomplete or late submissions of applications regardless of any situation. No exceptions.





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May 17-18, 2024, PSEA House of Delegates, Pittsburgh

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